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Weekly Moon Sign Horoscope

LUNAR ARIES - As things start to move forward in your life now, take some time to reflect on your journey so far. Focusing on your past is key to illuminate your future.

LUNAR TAURUS - Share your passionate energy with someone special this week and you can deepen your connection. This strong emotional bond needs to be nurtured.

LUNAR GEMINI - When issues in your family call for taking sides this week, stay out of it, you have creativity to attend to. This work will lead you in a very positive direction.

LUNAR CANCER - This week you will get the chance to try something new or be involved in something you have never experienced before. You may feel out of your comfort zone, but it will be well worth it.

LUNAR LEO - You have been feeling insecure and lacking guidance as of late, but all this changes this week, when confidence and charisma enter your house. Test someone’s feelings for you this week.

LUNAR VIRGO - When you find yourself thinking about someone from your past, rather than merely moving on, reach out to them and reconnect.

LUNAR LIBRA - This week, some healthy competition will light up your life in surprising ways and could even open up a door or two that will prove to be a blessing in disguise.

LUNAR SCORPIO - Use the energy you have this week to reevaluate the journey to your goals and find a new way to travel your path. Positive things are developing for you behind the scenes.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - Last week there were some bumps in your life that started to smooth over. Things are beginning to fall into place, start preparing for your future. A Last Quarter Moon rises in your sign.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - Following on from last week's balancing in your life, this week you are looking forward and thinking about your future. The changes that are ahead will take some adjusting to, but you have time to prepare. In particular, any planning of travel that has been put on the backburner can start to be looked at again. As a Lunar Sagittarius, your mental health and emotions depend on this idea that the next adventure is always around the corner. Start thinking this through this week and planning for all the intricacies of your life ahead. You have made your decision about what you want from your future and now it's time to plan. There is another significant lunar event this week. A Last Quarter Moon rises in your sign on March 6th representing full-circle change, adaptability, and potent new beginnings. Last Quarter Moons are all about turning points, and last year this exact moon phase coincided with the beginning of lockdown, new restrictions and the dramatic changes that would alter the course of our world. And yet, one year later, we are once again greeted by this powerful lunation. What felt chaotic and uncertain now feels hopeful. The changes and powerful turning point from one year ago now comes full circle. Sagittarius the sign of optimism and adventure imbues this moon with positivity and hope for the future. Now, in hindsight, you can reflect on the necessary experiences you (and the broader global community) needed to go through as we enter a new age of awareness. This Moon squares a Pisces Sun. As both Sagittarius and Pisces are of the mutable modality, the message here is about the importance of fluidity and adaptability. Much of the past year may have felt frustrating for you. Trying to traverse the many challenges and obstacles in your path. Pushing back against some of the less desirable changes, resisting things as a defense mechanism. Yet now, the ability to adapt and let go of that resistance is critical to move forward. This mutable moon is here to guide you. To give you the courage to flow with new circumstances and new realities; to engage with the future from a place of curiosity and optimism. This week, reflect on how you can be more open to change, more fluid and free. You may have felt that you needed to be a “rock” for yourself and your family over the past year. Strong and stable, able to weather whatever life throws at you. But all of that hardness and resilience can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. There is another path forward. Instead, imagine yourself as water. Able to twist and turn yourself as necessary to navigate obstacles, to flow through them and around them rather than press against them. Your dreams and goals are flexible. Rather than facing sadness when you encounter a wall, imagine the numerous ways you can move around it. Pisces is the quintessential wishful thinker. This is a dreamy moon one where fantasies take hold.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - This week is all about being social in whatever ways you can. You have a deep desire to connect with others, emotionally and spiritually.

LUNAR PISCES - This week something will shift in your house that brings romance and fun into your life. It's up to you whether to welcome it or not.

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