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Weekly Lunar Horoscope

LUNAR ARIES - You may be very busy this week, Lunar Aries, as you face unforeseen challenges amidst the changing global landscape, but your intuition is trying to tell you something.

LUNAR TAURUS - This week, Lunar Taurus, the stars are aligning in a way that showcases the beauty of serendipity in your life. An old friend will make an unexpected reentry.

LUNAR GEMINI - You will feel a sudden and unexpected uplift in your energy this week, Lunar Gemini, which could perplex you as to where it came from. You will feel full of vitality and stamina.

LUNAR CANCER - A fracture in one of your personal relationships needs sorting out this week, Lunar Cancer. This could be anyone in your life, including a family member, friend, or romantic partner.

LUNAR LEO - This week is filled with unexpected financial surprises for you, Lunar Leo. As the universe bestows upon you an unforeseen monetary gain, you'll find yourself at a crossroads.

LUNAR VIRGO - This week, Lunar Virgo, you are called to remember your inner power to accomplish exactly what you desire. A Full Moon rises in your sign.

LUNAR LIBRA - Things will feel quite chaotic this week, Lunar Libra, and this is something you will struggle to cope with. You feel the need to gain control and create order where there is none.

LUNAR SCORPIO - This is a great week to focus on yourself, Lunar Scorpio; who you are right now, where you are in your life, and where you'd like to be? Spend some time alone, go for a walk, and think deeply.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - You have a lot of patience, Lunar Sagittarius, more than most. But this week, people keep trying to involve themselves in your personal life in unproductive ways.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - You are in the calm before the storm right now, Lunar Capricorn, so enjoy this time of peace and tranquility before things pick right back up.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - You have strong energy in your hidden courage this week, Lunar Aquarius, all you need to do is locate it and bring it out into the open. Trust in your own abilities, no matter what you are facing.

LUNAR PISCES - By helping others to learn and express themselves this week, Lunar Pisces, you are also helping yourself. Follow your instincts to push others forward and to help them.

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