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Weekly Moon Sign Horoscope

LUNAR ARIES - This week, Lunar Aries, transits influencing you suggest will be faced with a choice: to play it safe or take a leap of faith. One choice will lead you down a path that is comfortable but familiar.

LUNAR TAURUS - A wandering mind may lead you to do something impulsive this week, Lunar Taurus, which may not go as you imagine. Your “head in the clouds” energy means you won't think this through.

LUNAR GEMINI - This week, luck and serendipity enter your house, Lunar Gemini. This could impact you in subtle yet ways, opening up doorways for abundance, creativity or spiritual development.

LUNAR CANCER - This week, Lunar Cancer, is all about seeing things from a different perspective. A revolutionary New Moon rises in your sign.

LUNAR LEO - Whatever you are doing this week, Lunar Leo, always consider the other person. This is a day where your astrological energies indicate a time to bolster interpersonal connections.

LUNAR VIRGO - Your instincts are sharp this week, Lunar Virgo. You have keen, animal-like senses to avoid pitfalls and also take advantage of opportunities. Don’t let decisions be dictated by your ego.

LUNAR LIBRA - This week confidence and charisma enter your sign, Lunar Libra. This can manifest as leadership qualities that you should embrace.

LUNAR SCORPIO - Think about the last time you felt truly carefree and creative, Lunar Scorpio. How long has it been? This week is all about the importance of finding your inner child again.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - When someone questions your integrity this week, Lunar Sagittarius, do not attempt to defend yourself. You are likely to feel the need to jump to your own defense.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - Something out of the ordinary is going to come your way this week, Lunar Capricorn. What this is depends on your circumstances, but it's something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - This week is a great time for seeing your life on a bigger canvas and with a wider lens, Lunar Aquarius, while still paying attention to the close ups.

LUNAR PISCES - This week, Lunar Pisces, energy is flooding into your work life and your finances from various different angles, making it a great time to bring the two areas together.

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