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Weekly Moon Sign Horoscope

LUNAR ARIES - This week you can start something you have had on the back burner and your momentum will push others into action too.

LUNAR TAURUS - Communication is your strong suit this week. People around you will see you as a natural leader. Use this opportunity to lead from a place of goodness.

LUNAR GEMINI - People respond to your natural charm this week. Rather than getting hung up on your appearance, tap into this unspeakable charisma and use it to your advantage.

LUNAR CANCER - Listen to your body and understand when the stress is too much this week, take some time out to center yourself and find balance. This downtime is important for your emotions.

LUNAR LEO - You have important conversations coming up this week that need to take place. Make sure you are ready to be open and honest. These conversations won’t be easy but they are necessary.

LUNAR VIRGO - Direct your erratic energy into something creative this week, or you could make a mess you have to clear up. If you channel this energy properly you will accomplish something amazing.

LUNAR LIBRA - When you have a decision to make this week take yourself away from everything to find a place of calm to think carefully. This is not something to take lightly, careful consideration is needed.

LUNAR SCORPIO - There are special astrological forces at play working to help bring about your desires. The changes you are waiting for are falling into place behind the scenes, so have patience.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - There is potent energy in your career, work and entrepreneurial house this week. When there’s excitement about developments in this arena, especially money related, don’t get overwhelmed.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - Although you do have higher energy than others this week, they still have to work with you to get things done. The importance of teamwork is a good lesson for you to focus on.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - When you have to make a decision this week, go to those who have influence and understand the issue in ways you can’t. This week reaffirms the need to stay connected despite everything.

LUNAR PISCES - Spend time alone if you can this week, you can gain perspective on a situation and reflect. Sometimes time to yourself is exactly what you need for clarity of mind and guidance.

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