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Weekly Moon Sign Horoscope

LUNAR ARIES - This week, luck and serendipity enter your house, Lunar Aries. This could impact you in subtle yet deeply meaningful ways, opening up doorways for abundance.

LUNAR TAURUS - You have been working hard as of late, Lunar Taurus, whether managing responsibilities for your home, work, or family, and you are definitely starting to feel a bit run down.

LUNAR GEMINI - You have a critical decision to make this week, Lunar Gemini, and you need to take your time and make sure you understand the consequences properly.

LUNAR CANCER - You will be pushed to pay more attention to how you communicate with others this week, Lunar Cancer, and you will realize that what you say has a massive impact on how events unfold.

LUNAR LEO - You may feel as if, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get anywhere this week, Lunar Leo. We have all had to adjust to new realities sometimes, remember this.

LUNAR VIRGO - This week, Lunar Virgo, you will need to be polite and smile when others try to offer you advice on how to manage your money and finances, even if you don’t feel like you need it.

LUNAR LIBRA - This week, Lunar Libra, your intuition will be heightened, and your inner compass will be finely tuned. There's an inherent wisdom within you, a sixth sense, that can tell truth from deceit.

LUNAR SCORPIO - This week, Lunar Scorpio, the transits influencing you indicate you will be faced with a choice, to play it safe or take a leap of faith.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - This week, Lunar Sagittarius, is the time to attend to your debts, and this does not only apply to financial matters. Your debts can be present in any area of your life.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - This week, Lunar Capricorn, be careful about charging into situations without thinking, especially in your personal life related to a project or situation. A Full Moon rises in your sign.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - You will have very sharp mental energy this week, Lunar Aquarius, and you will find that you can discover solutions and recognize problems much quicker than anyone else.

LUNAR PISCES - You are very persuasive this week, Lunar Pisces. If you focus on your intuitive energy and send it forward you will find you are able to persuade others of your way of seeing things.

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