Lunar Aquarius

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We all procrastinate sometimes, Lunar Aquarius, and this has been a challenge for you as of late. However, you will feel much lighter and more accomplished if you just get on with things this week and do the tasks you do not want to do. There’s no use putting these things off and if you get them out of the way you will be free to do other things, plus you will feel more satisfied with yourself. Much of the problem here is your refusal to see the reality of the situation, but there’s no avoiding it. This is an annoying, potentially time consuming task that you have put off for too long. Just think about how amazing you will feel when it's finally done?

You will also be deeply influenced by a tender First Quarter Moon in Taurus that rises on January 28th bringing grounding, stability, and love into your life as an electric Aquarius season begins. Taurus is the sign of comfort, family, and the heart. In the First Quarter, this moon urges you to enjoy good conversation, food and friends – anything that makes you feel connected to the things that matter. Most importantly, there is a powerful romantic energy in the air, love and tenderness abounds. There is also a sensuality to this lunation, one that implores you to embrace the richness of life. With the influence of the Aquarius sun you are feeling adventurous and experimental, but Taurus asks that you stay grounded and also remember the importance of rest and recovery.

The captivating sensuality around this Moon arrives at an auspicious time. You may feel as though there are some important connections in your life that you need to restore. The energy of love that is carried on this Moon will help you repair important bonds with your friends, family, partner or romantic interest. The past few months may have been challenging for you in this department, with so much needing to be done, life got in the way, and you may have noticed a strain on many of the relationships in your life.

Taurus is one of the most empathic signs, always in tune with the feelings of others and sensitive to changes in mood. So you will feel an intrinsic desire to mend broken bonds and may even come away from things in a far stronger place than you were before in the relationships you choose to really tend to. First Quarter Moons represent “turning points,” so the grounded warmth and tenderness of Taurus infuses this Moon with the potential for resolution, healing, and forgiveness.

There are also conflicting elements at play. The Earth influence from Taurus indicates that we need to root ourselves to the Earth, connect with the present, and repair difficulties from the past. But the air influence of the Aquarius Sun implores us to keep our eyes gazed towards the horizon – towards the future. Hidden within the stabilizing ground is always a potential energy; a life force that can take a simple seed of an idea and grow it into a grand dream.

Finally, you may also notice a tension building in the Universe this week as we approach this First Quarter Moon. Your senses will seem heightened. There is a hint of excitement in the air, and a feeling that things are coming together quickly, but positively and you will need to act soon. As the Moon moves towards this lunation, it is building strength and energy, almost as if it’s pulling back a slingshot. When it reaches the First Quarter this energy will be released. How you choose to use it is up to you.

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LUNAR AQUARIUS - We all procrastinate sometimes, Lunar Aquarius, and this has been a challenge for you as of late. However, you will feel much lighter and more accomplished if you just get on with things.

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