Lunar Aries

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People are strangely drawn to you this week, Lunar Aries. Energies of charisma and intrigue enter your house and you give off an aura that draws attention. From your perspective, you are simply getting on with your week, minding your own business. But behind the scenes, something beneficial is starting to take shape. You may initially be unaware that someone is watching you with great interest. This is either something who is interested in you romantically, or someone who values your skills and talents, such as a friend or superior at work, and needs your help. Whoever it is, this could lead somewhere very intriguing and potentially exciting. Be alert and make sure you notice who this person is so that you can begin a dialogue. Despite difficulties connecting in person due to circumstances outside of our control, you can still begin to have these important conversations.

There are two additional significant lunar events taking place this week which will impact your sign. An evocative Full Moon in Gemini and penumbral Lunar Eclipse both occurring on November 30th. This is setting us up for big shifts in our understanding of how we have grown and changed this year, and what we can leave behind. Eclipses are all about taking stock of where we are, in particular since the last Eclipse season, which was in May and June. In this case, it asks you to reflect on how you have grown since then and how you intend to close out the year. Eclipses and Full Moons also help us find peace and do transformational work; they encourage us to let go of the parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us. So as you work with this Eclipse energy, really think about what you want for yourself in the future, and what habits, thought patterns or behaviors you are ready to leave in the past.

In Gemini, this Full Moon’s energy is kinetic and electric. This is not a “grounding” Moon, but rather one that asks you question things and that shakes things up. The central lesson imparted by Gemini’s influence is the need to look at the details surrounding us. This moon is all about the details: how do we make changes in our lives through small steps and incremental progress? How do we find meaning in the mundane?

In our technologically advanced, “always on” society, many of us are used to immediate gratification. If we want something we order it, if we need answers we go online, if we want attention from friends we text or hop on social media. This leaves us under the impression that the only kind of transformation or evolution is one that happens quickly or with some sort of big shock. Yet most often, the most important changes happen slowly and incrementally -- and are borne out of the details. This is exactly what the Gemini Lunar Eclipse is asking you to question. What is giving value to your day to day life? What small, practical steps can you take to make each day more special.

There is also an opposition of Uranus in Taurus involved with this Full Moon Eclipse, meaning that powerful change is involved. Uranus wants us to do things differently, to question the status quo. Gemini’s presence here suggests we look at our relationship to technology and how it serves us.

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Weekly Moon Sign Horoscope

LUNAR ARIES - People are drawn to you this week. When you least expect it someone of significance is watching you. This could be something interested romantically or in your abilities or skills.

LUNAR TAURUS - Family and the home dominate your chart this week. It's not ideal, but you will have to take control of a situation regarding family, especially older people or parents, so stay patient.

LUNAR GEMINI - Make sure you get involved with new projects that come up this week. Your mind is brimming with activity and you can be very productive. A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign occurs.

LUNAR CANCER - This week is all about balance. You have been juggling quite a lot lately and want to find time for yourself. Seek balance between your work and responsibilities and your desire for adventure.

LUNAR LEO - A perceptive eye this week helps you see the truth of things. Someone close to you will reveal their true colors, but won’t accept being confronted about it yet.

LUNAR VIRGO - Tensions and stressors arise this week, but amidst these you can find the opportunities for positive change. This is especially true in matters related to money and finances.

LUNAR LIBRA - Trust your high emotions this week and when others need your support you can give it easily. You have a strong self-awareness now that you can use to help those you care about.

LUNAR SCORPIO - Introspection is critical this week. Connect deeply with yourself on your spiritual journey by looking within even though you may feel the world demands you to look out.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - When something odd comes your way this week, take a closer look as it could be interesting. Energies from the esoteric and mysterious planets enter your house.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - Though a recent stress situation was hard to deal with, you will have clarity and resolution this week. Moreover, you will emerge with newfound wisdom concerning your finances.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - When something from your past offers you a new start this week, try to see this as a positive opportunity. You may be pleasantly surprised by the timing of this opportunity.

LUNAR PISCES - Someone close to you, either a romantic partner, loved one or close friend is taking liberties with you this week, which is causing tension and even some resentment. Stay optimistic.

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