Lunar Capricorn

You can act as a shining light for others this week, Lunar Capricorn, and can help them to see that being negative and engaging in drama is only bringing them down more. You will feel naturally positive and optimistic and the greatest thing you can do with this is to share it with the world. People will be drawn to your sunny disposition. They will follow you and be open to your advice so make sure you help them improve their situation. There is some romantic energy in your house as well this week, which could indicate that someone you help could develop feelings for you.

A luminous Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on April 23rd and under its light the universe will pose compelling questions to your soul. Known as the Pink Moon, this lunation signals a time of vitality and rebirth, it urges you to reflect deeply. What parts of your life do you feel change is inevitable but you have been resisting due to fear or lack of confidence? What is something you know you need to change but have avoided?The Pink Moon's name derives from the bloom of pink phlox, one of the earliest spring flowers, symbolizing the blossoming of new ideas. This specific Pink Moon provides a potent opportunity to tackle these questions head-on and awaken fresh perspectives.

The Sun in Taurus opposing the Moon in Scorpio highlights a cosmic confrontation between your desire for stability and the feeling you are grappling with knowing that you need to change one particular area of your life. This could be related to a romantic partner, a job or career, or an aspect of your own identity and behavior. How can you find balance between these forces?

As Scorpio asks you to search your emotions, consider what secrets you keep from yourself. What truths have you buried that need to see the light of day? This Full Moon is your ally in uncovering these hidden aspects, and in doing so, it offers you a chance to heal and transform. How can you use this period of emotional clarity to initiate the changes you’ve been postponing?

This is also a time to question the nature of your attachments–material or emotional. Are they holding you back from realizing your potential or propelling you forward? In what ways might your fears of losing what is comfortable prevent you from moving towards what could be truly fulfilling? The opposition of Taurus and Scorpio highlights the tension between security and risk, comfort and renewal. As you reflect on these themes, consider how aligning more closely with your true desires might require you to step out of your comfort zone.

Engage with this Full Moon as if it were a mirror, one that reflects not just your face but your innermost self. What does it reveal about your desires and fears? Are there parts of your life where stagnation has masqueraded as stability? This Scorpio Full Moon dares you to ask these difficult questions, to confront your shadows, and to transform the energy you find there into a force for positive change in your life.

Remember, every ending carves out the space for a new beginning. What will you let go of under this Full Moon, and what will you allow to take its place? This is a moment for bold actions and brave decisions. How will you use it to reshape your destiny? The answers lie within you, waiting to be discovered under the light of the Pink Moon.

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Weekly Lunar Horoscope

LUNAR ARIES - This week, Lunar Aries, is an excellent time for you to strengthen existing relationships, repair broken ones, or reconnect with lost loves or friends.

LUNAR TAURUS - There are potent problem-solving energies with you this week, Lunar Taurus. You will be able to resolve or solve many problems that come your way, especially at work or with friends.

LUNAR GEMINI - You have been working hard over the last few days, Lunar Gemini, and your efforts are finally going to start paying off as you round the corner this week.

LUNAR CANCER - This week, Lunar Cancer, the stars indicate that you could receive confusing information from someone you trust that will contradict what you thought you knew.

LUNAR LEO - Something out of the ordinary is going to come your way this week, Lunar Leo. What this is depends on your circumstances, but it's something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

LUNAR VIRGO - This week, Lunar Virgo, is all about big plans and big dreams. You are one of the most ambitious Moon Signs, always dreaming of the next big adventure.

LUNAR LIBRA - You will be under quite a bit of pressure this week, Lunar Libra, especially in your financial life. Surprise expenses just keep popping up, whether for yourself or family.

LUNAR SCORPIO - Energy is still strong in your communication area in your house this week, Lunar Scorpio, but it will take a slight shift. A Full Moon rises in your sign.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - This week, Lunar Sagittarius, you have a strong desire to connect with others and to be social in whatever ways you can. There is an emphasis on cultivating connections with friends or family.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - You can act as a shining light for others this week, Lunar Capricorn, and can help them to see that being negative and engaging in drama is only bringing them down more.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - Something that you really want in your life is closer to you than you think this week, Lunar Aquarius. This could be something deeply personal to you, or even an opportunity.

LUNAR PISCES - This week an uplifting energy enters your house, Lunar Pisces, and you may feel like you want to lift others up with you, especially if you know someone is feeling down.

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