Lunar Leo

Instead of looking at your Star/Zodiac Sign, this Lunar Horoscope reveals the guidance of your Leo Moon Sign. Not your Moon Sign? Click here.

This week romantic energies arrive in your house, Lunar Leo. Whether you are seeking love in your life or not today, it tends to show up when you least expect it or in the sneakiest and unexpected of ways. This is the case for you this week. If you are in a relationship or have a special someone, this is an opportunity for fun and closeness. But if you have your eye on someone specific or waiting for the right one, be open to the possibility of love and of receiving deeper love into your life and into your heart. It's a form of magic when it comes to you like this, so do not dismiss it.

There is another significant astrological event this week: an empowering Waning Crescent Moon in Cancer rises on August 5th, bringing with it some of the most clear, reflective, and deeply symbolic energy of the year. This moon is here to bring all of your divine gifts to the surface. It is here to illuminate your inner-knowing, that part of yourself that has all of the answers you seek.

There is a different quality to the energy this August. It is not complicated or complex, but clear and authentic. This Cancerian lunation only serves to enhance this moment with its high-functioning water energy. Answers are coming in. Blockages are being removed. Your path forward this month and beyond is opening up right before your eyes.

If you have felt insecure or felt like your inner skeptic has been a little louder lately, this Waning Crescent Moon is here to wash all of that away. It arrives to help you come back into your soulful knowing. Take time this week to sit down and contemplate all of the things in your life you are truly sure of: this could be the important work you do in the world; your family, friendships or a relationship. This could be passion that drives you when all else fails. Connect with these things and embrace that sense of peace and self-assurance. This type of knowing goes beyond the analytical or logical, it exists within your heart.

Whatever it is at this moment that you feel confused or unsure about, just remember that your inner compass can point you in the right direction. Reflect on the things you are totally sure of in life and the rest of the nebulous question marks will simply begin to fall away. Blockages are being removed this month and answers are presenting themselves to you.

Finally, let this moon amplify your value in your family and community. The Cancerian Crescent Moon speaks to these important relationships and connections, and asks that you share your gifts. Your loved ones and community need your creativity, your voice and your perspective.
Show up authentically and allow the clear, symbolic energy of this lunation to help you shine your brightest this week.

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Weekly Moon Sign Horoscope

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LUNAR CANCER - It's all about compromise this week, and not necessarily yours, Lunar Cancer. Someone needs to do some backing down and it does not have to be you.

LUNAR LEO - This week romantic energies arrive in your house, Lunar Leo. Whether you are seeking love in your life or not today, it tends to show up when you least expect it.

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LUNAR AQUARIUS - This week, a friend will need your emotional support. They will need your help to teach them how to be resilient.

LUNAR PISCES - It may go against your grain this week, Lunar Pisces, but all cards on the table and complete openness is the best way forward.

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