Lunar Leo

Instead of looking at your Star/Zodiac Sign, this Lunar Horoscope reveals the guidance of your Leo Moon Sign. Not your Moon Sign? Click here.

To have a smoother day with less worry and stress, stop trying to control every little thing. Sometimes, Lunar Leo, you can let things roll along as they will and sit back and watch, not everything has to be steered and manipulated. If you can learn to let go, you will be less tense and you might even enjoy going with the flow a little. Relax and let the wind take you. The lesson here is the harder you to grasp or hold onto what it that you desire, like sand it will slip through your fingers. Allow yourself to let go and embrace the freedom that brings.

A transformative Last Quarter Moon rises in your sign on October 28th, bringing with it playful, creative, and heroic energies to help you connect with your true path and highest purpose. This Last Quarter Moon is paired with a Scorpio Sun bringing the elements of fire and water together. It gives us the gift of allowing us to tap into our authentic, inner child, set our intentions and connect with our soul’s desire.

There is an expectation you may feel that you have to conform to the outline given to you by your family, friends or culture as you move your way through life. Perhaps this is a level of success, job, or education that they expect you to have, or perhaps it’s marriage or a family. There is a path laid out for you if you try to align with all of their expectations. The path of least resistance; that path that feels safe and easy, that won’t leave you with any more questions or concerns. But deep down there is a part of you that dreams of something greater. A part of you is still filled with childlike excitement about the future and your grand goals.

These goals are not merely limited to the young; they exist in each of us, at every stage of our lives and continue to propel us forward. What are these goals for you? What is the safe path? What is the one that leads you to your dreams? This is the exact Leo energy coming through with this Last Quarter Moon: one of expansive clarity that brings you answers and opportunities.

This lunation asks for you to be courageous; to choose the path that speaks to your heart and connect with your Divine Truth and purpose. As we all enter a very different world what changes are you willing to make to reconnect with dreams and ambitions? If you are not happy with the direction your current life is going, are you ready to take a leap of faith and change course? This Leo Last Quarter Moon is here to provide you all of the clarity, courage, and wisdom necessary to do that.

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Weekly Moon Sign Horoscope

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LUNAR TAURUS - You are a great problem solver this week, Lunar Taurus, and this will be especially beneficial in your work life where others will notice your spark and your skills.

LUNAR GEMINI - You have stable energy in your house this week, Lunar Gemini, leading you to seek balance and reliability so that you have everything in its place in your life.

LUNAR CANCER - Energy is flooding into your work life and your finances from various different angles, making it a great time to bring the two areas together, Lunar Cancer.

LUNAR LEO - To have a smoother day with less worry and stress, stop trying to control every little thing. A Last Quarter Moon rises in your sign helping you to connect to your true path.

LUNAR VIRGO - This week, Lunar Virgo, some healthy competition enters the scene to light up your life in surprising ways. This could actually open up a door or two for you.

LUNAR LIBRA - There are problem-solving energies in your house this week, Lunar Libra. You will be able to resolve many challenges that come your way, especially at work or with friends.

LUNAR SCORPIO - This is the perfect day for you to reflect on where you are right now and where you want to be, Lunar Scorpio. Spend some time meditating or just indulging in some deep thinking.

LUNAR SAGITTARIUS - You have a real shine to you this week, Lunar Sagittarius, your aura is vibrant and you will walk with an air of someone special. People will find themselves drawn to you.

LUNAR CAPRICORN - It's a good day for your relationships, Lunar Capricorn, especially intimate relationships. Everything will run smoothly with much happiness and contentment.

LUNAR AQUARIUS - Multiple pathways are opening up for you this week, Lunar Aquarius. Choices and opportunities, each one branching off in different directions, but all leading towards further spiritual growth.

LUNAR PISCES - This week, Lunar Pisces, sees highly erratic energy arrive in your sign, demanding focus and discipline in order to make sure you are staying on top of your responsibilities.

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